Opening October 14th, 5-8 PM: REUNION by Theodore Adams.
Theodore Adams is originally from Los Angeles, California. After attending and graduating from college in upstate New York, he found that the Hudson Valley was more suited for a life of art practice and exploration. In his work, Theodore explores ideas and feelings from the natural surroundings of the region as well as complimentary elements of fantasy to add layers, conceptually and emotional texture. Juxtaposed suppression and indulgance of his own personal narrative is culled from the material to inform the pieces. Construction, destruction and reconstruction are symbiotic elements in his creative process that allow for the image to shift back and forth from abstraction to representation, truth to illusion, and personal to the conventional.
In the paintings featured in Reunion, Adams summons forth the since-departed students of the former Copake New York schoolhouse - a building in which Adams now lives - allowing them to gather together one more time. This gauzy coexistence sheds the boundaries of physicality and invites conversation with their transcendent marks that were left on the grounds. From when it was built in 1921, until it was sold to a private owner in 1981, the building served as an elementary school for generations of children. While exploring the building during a freak power outage, Adams discovered a door that had been previously padlocked was now unlatched. Inside was a completely empty room with windows lining the walls and paint stained cement floors. As if invited by the former inhabitants, Adams made this space his studio and began making paintings there that came to speak in the voices of the former students and staff, with paint and canvas as telepathic tools to tell the stories, share the secrets, and ultimately right the wrongs.
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